Building success on success.

Square one - a good place to start

MyTax is an online tax refund processor and provider. Their website is the primary point of application for MyTax customers; all annual campaign activity drives a potential audience of millions to this website to apply online. It goes without saying that this website needs perform at the highest of standards across a number of levels. Let’s look at the current incarnation of the website…

In 2015 we worked with MyTax to produce great results, including a 55% increase in online tax refund applications compared to 2014. To build upon previous success, digitally we had to go back to the drawing board. What worked in 2015 and what can work harder this year?

Connections with the brand and integrated campaign

The MyTax website design reflects the brand and broader campaign creative, including using visual elements and messaging that will resonate with potential customers and returning customers alike.

Application form performance is REALLY important

Each year we analyse the current website application process through Google Analytics, Heat Mapping and customer feedback to identify core opportunities to reduce any barriers to online application. Most recently we have improved this application process by:

Cutting out supporting information deemed to be unnecessary to simplify the entire process. Less did prove to be more in this case.

Streamlining the application process for returning customers; we introduced a selection of key visual and functional enhancements to make the reapplication process a breeze.

And last but not least, there has been a major upgrade to the mobile experience (more on that below).

MyTax is truly mobile-first

We have always shared an understanding with MyTax that mobile-first is a must, and this year mobile traffic reached an all-time high, vastly overshadowing desktop visits. We knew we needed to rethink a number of aspects of the website, including:

A mobile user experience overhaul; we made vast enhancements leading to a much smoother mobile application process.

Cut out the clever stuff (well, some of it); we needed to adapt to the fact that a variety of old and new smartphones were being used to apply online. This meant that some of our user experience enhancements needed to be stripped back as they were not supported by older phones. Acknowledging when things don’t work and adapting is an important part of any successful website.

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