The power of online

Review and reset

To begin with, we thoroughly reviewed their online presence. We found that while they were creating good digital ads, the customer journey from seeing an ad to conversion wasn't as optimal as it could be. We also found some fundamental issues with OMC’s e-commerce website. This required a ground up rebuild with a focus on creating a flexible site that was geared to support and convert their online marketing efforts.

Getting more clicks for your bucks

OMC Power Equipment have been providing contractors, farmers and lifestyle property owners with trusted power equipment since 1982. They came to us with the challenge of getting more out of their online advertising.

A clearer target

The new site was re-structured based on a review of the old site's analytics. This allowed us to establish a product hierarchy, elevating the highest performing categories and products. Also included in the new site was the ability to quickly build landing pages for better alignment with campaigns and promoting products brands.

To top it off, we’ve integrated OMC with Hubspot to further enhance their ability to build market awareness and convert users along the customer journey.

Services Used

  • Websites