Corporate video with quite a buzz.


Orion has long been a cornerstone of mid canterbury’s infrastructure through delivering a secure reliable electricity supply across the region. However, with the network now long restored following Christchurch’s earthquakes, Orion sought to broaden the public’s understanding of them as more than just a simple lines company. Wishing to better communicate the innovation they are bringing to the industry and how they constantly strive for better solutions for their customers, they approached us to create a corporate video that reflected this.

The challenge we faced when conceiving the video was how to simultaneously show the impact that Orion has on the lives of its customers and represent something like electricity that in itself is not tangible. Furthermore, we had to touch upon Orion’s commitment to both domestic and commercial customers over both urban and rural locations. The scope of the region they maintain and their business pillars of resilience and sustainability, whilst still ensuring the video was engaging for the audience.

The core thought we behind the story was to show that Orion is the enabler; the silent hero who keeps the region running and everyone’s daily lives happening.

The result is a very human story that touches upon all the aspects of the business they wanted to relate to customers. Through a considered narrative that the audience can engage with, we have quietly championed Orion’s integral role region and the innovation they are bringing to the industry.

Services Used

  • TVC & video