When road safety starts online.

Serious fun

ProActive Drive is a trust that runs driving courses to help upskill young Kiwi drivers on their restricted licence. The message being taken to market is serious so we lightened the look of the brand with fun illustrations, making it contemporary and taking away any feeling of “finger wagging”. This brand was then applied to a refreshed website.

Homepage story

The homepage is made up of four large, full-screen banners using the illustrated brand elements against real life imagery. These banners set the scene and tell a story about why people need to get in touch with ProActive with the final screen being a call to action to book a course.

Easy info

The site is made up of information about the courses, information about the charitable trust that runs it, driving tips and prominent calls to action to book a course. To make the site easy to navigate we’ve designed a menu that always stays in view.

Seo Planning

ProActive Drive was not ranking well in organic Google search results so we invested some time into keyword research and planning to ensure the content contained the necessary phrases people are searching for in order to boost this.

Services Used

  • Websites