Simplifying ecommerce.

Refining a brand

Redpaths are one of the leading suppliers of electrical products across the South Island. They are brand synonymous with experience, service value and consistent attention to customer needs. We recognised the equity in the Redpaths brand and identified the value in developing the brand positioning and digital strategy to embrace a future-focused approach. In doing this we aimed to differentiate Redpaths from their competitors and highlight the strength in the value added through their product and service offering.

Keep it simple

Simplifying the brand mark and name allowed Redpaths to present themselves in a consistent no fuss manner, strengthening the brand and delivering a modern look and feel without alienating existing customers. As part of this we created a consistent identity, which works across all channels and mediums, and aligns the services offered by Redpaths under one consistent brand.

Simplifying E-commerce

Simplifying the digital approach was an important step in making Redpaths more accessible and improving the customer experience. Redpaths required a website with a simplified administration area which allowed them to manage all aspects of their e-commerce, easily promote current promotions to customers and allow customers to easily place online orders.


Redpaths found their existing e-commerce solution bloated with generalised functionality they did not require, which made it difficult for administrators to manage. We were tasked with the challenge of simplifying both the e-commerce administration and the shopping experience for their users while keeping promotions at the forefront.


To allow us to create an easier user experience and to meet the custom requirements that Redpaths required we built a custom e-commerce solution using the SilverStripe Framework. The flexibility of the SilverStripe Framework meant that we could streamline both administrator and customer experiences by reducing e-commerce processes to only what was required. Our customisations included weight based and price based shipping rates, bulk discounting, and discounts for credit card payments.

Set up for the future

The result was a more streamlined experience for their customers and an easier e-commerce system for internal administrators to manage. The custom solution also allows us to make ongoing incremental improvements to the website and allows us to add new customisations when there is proven value to both customers and administrators. Keeping promotions at the forefront allowed the website to be a key method of communication and interaction with the brand, increasing its appeal to broader and emerging markets.

Services Used

  • Websites