A seismic story to profile.

Ruamoko Solutions

10th Anniversary

Established in 2006 and named after the Maori God of earthquakes, Ruamoko Solutions specialise in delivering structural design solutions to mitigate the devastation to buildings that can occur as a result of major earthquakes, as well as providing a quality structural engineering service for mainstream projects. They have led the way in pioneering seismic design for the Christchurch rebuild.

Ruamoko reached their 10th year in business in 2016 so we partnered with the directors to create a book that effectively showcases and documents where they have come from and where they are now, their journey through the Christchurch earthquakes, their vast abilities in their industry and ultimately acknowledge their achievement and portfolio.

It was important that the book be something that people would keep, so special attention was paid to the finest details. The overall book design included a dust jacket, silver foiling, double ribbons, a hard cover and clear foiling onto white to create a subtle, elegant effect. The internal page design was focused on admiring each project and detailing the specifics.


At the opening of Ruamoko’s new offices at the end of 2016, hundreds of guests each received a book upon entry. The feedback was very impressive and it was great to see people admiring the detail of the internal layout and the overall appearance of the book.

Services Used

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