Doubling the hits.

#1 Sales tool

Russells custom-make curtains and blinds in their factory in Nelson and have mobile sales consultants nationwide. We worked with Russells to refresh their brand and market positioning, as well as designing a brand new website to replace the old one.


With no bricks and mortar storefront, the website was to serve this purpose. As a sales tool it was essential it be functional, informative, convincing, engaging and useful - a place that educated customers and drove lead enquiries.

Objectives heading in

The new website had to achieve several key things. It had to strengthen Russells’ market positioning and establish them as a national brand by communicating their key points of difference, to tell a story of an integrated business that manufactures, supplies and sells a quality product.


There were education and awareness elements too. We needed to create an awareness of their blind offering (a more recent addition to their services), and educate the market on the difference between ready-made and custom-made products.


We also identified a need for a sense of style and identity to develop content away from being plain text and into being engaging with visual content.

Getting it right

We used Google Analytics and Crazy Egg click tracking to see how users were interacting with the old website. This data formed the basis of the approach for the new website and helped us determine the best sitemap, mapping out navigation, overall structure and hierarchy of information.


Keyword research determined the phrases users are commonly searching for and helped us determine that products needed to have separate, dedicated landing pages - eg. curtains, roman blinds, roller blinds, etc. This allows each page to be optimised for the specific product and also points users to content that is most relevant to them.


Keyword and phrase research also ensures the content that features in the blog connects to the target audiences at different stages of the customer journey and answers the key questions or topics most searched for. Often in the form of style guides or advice, this content also helps position Russells as the experts.

Design considerations

We’ve included a combination of horizontal and vertical navigation and ensured products and information are easy to access and read. The main call to action (Book a FREE consultation) and phone number are always visible and prominent on all pages, both in the main header and at the bottom. The homepage banner is versatile and allows for core brand messaging and retail messages to be displayed. Product pages are image focused and side information on each page educates and highlights important considerations with click through for more detailed information.

Developing the new site

Online payment functionality has been included so customers can pay securely online; the system also automatically sends a receipt. 

Newsletter signup is integrated with PlatoMail allowing ease of use for email marketing.

And a customised form for booking consultations, which automatically sends a confirmation email, is clear and easy to use.


The website launch was supported with an integrated digital marketing campaign aimed to drive website traffic and increase online consultation bookings. Over 7 months we helped Russells achieve a 98.83% increase in online enquiries.

Services Used

  • Websites