Thinking forward.


Partners and friends in business

With a shift from just accountancy into business advisory, we worked in collaboration with RWCA to review their brand positioning within the marketplace and refresh their brand and web presence to reflect their new personality.
RWCA sit at the midpoint between being an SME and a corporate so we wanted the new brand to be both professional yet fun.

 A huge part of RWCA’s offering and brand story is ‘partnership’. To portray this, new messaging adopted a relatable and clear tone of voice. The new logo uses lower case lettering to set a much softer and warmer tone, communicating that they are real people who are friendly to deal with, and we used lots of bold colours to represent RWCA’s modern approach to business.

These brand assets flowed through into all the usual business collateral, including the website and even an internal values booklet for employees so that everyone is always on message and on brand.

Services Used

  • Brand
  • Illustration