Evolving in business and online.

who are The new rwca?

With a shift from accountancy to include business advisory services, we worked with RWCA to refresh their brand and web presence to reflect their new personality. Their old website was functional but no longer fully communicated who RWCA were and what they offer clients.

Reflecting the NEW brand

We created a website that is streamlined, easy to navigate and a far cry from what you would expect of an accountancy/business advisory firm’s website. We researched and built a “custom experience” so that the main colour of the page changes as the user scrolls down, using the brand’s new vibrant colours which reflect their approachable nature.


Being authentic, adaptable and agile is a key point of RWCA’s brand, so it was important the website reflected this. RWCA commissioned a custom photography shoot of their own people at work; the website features visuals of actual hands on meetings with clients.

Built to grow

This website has been built to grow, through content areas and adaptability in the content management system features can be easily added or taken away based on what RWCA needs to educate users about before the call to action.

Great journey, great destination 

Users are on a journey now, where they can find what they are looking for and can get to know RWCA as a solutions based partner through content and structure, and selling outcome instead of software.

Services Used

  • Websites