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Creating an online presence

Shanghai Street Dumplings opened in Christchurch in mid-2016. Shanghai Street Dumplings did not have an online presence so designing and developing the website was part of the wider branding campaign we were creating for this new restaurant.

The website needed to be a basic touchpoint for consumers to quickly find out more about Shanghai Street Dumplings’ menu, location, get a feel for the fun brand and give them the ability to easily share it with others.

Who to talk to

Their target market is comprised of Chinese diners looking for an authentic experience with a nod to the homeland, and young adults (they’re based in a student-dominated area) looking for a delicious, casual meal in an “on point,” quirky restaurant. We decided to focus first on the local Christchurch market as Chinese diners were already aware of Norman, the chef, and his dumplings.

Mobile & social considerations

Research told us that many restaurant diners, especially our main target audience of young adults and students, search mainly on their smartphones so we took a mobile-first approach. A clickable phone number sits at the top of the page, information is clear and quickly communicated, and very importantly for this audience, social links were included.

At the same time as creating the website, we also set up a Facebook account and content plan in such as way as they could manage it themselves after the initial launch period.

Services Used

  • Websites