A successful exercise in planning.

time for a refresh 

All about competitive snow sports, from grassroots up, Snow Sports New Zealand is the national sporting organisation that represents the interests of adaptive snow sports, alpine ski racing, cross country skiing, freeskiing and snowboarding in New Zealand.

Snow Sports’ website needed refreshing and as we discovered, it was great challenge that we learnt a lot from.

planning and research- the keys to success 

The project kicked off with a workshop with Snow Sports to really understand their needs and what the website needed to achieve. This was followed by an in-depth planning phase before any design work began.
With all website designs, we start with a wireframe process; this is where we show the very basic layout of the site. Wireframes are a standard part of the process we go through with all the website projects we undertake, but for Snow Sports it was absolutely key as it helped tease out the many idiosyncrasies.

key challenges and their solutions 

Membership - Snow Sports have an annual membership with annual renewals of payment. This website provides a streamlined solution for creating an account, managing multiple memberships within an account, and allowing to sign up for and renew memberships.


Events – We included the ability to list and allow registration for events. Event registration and cost needed to be built dynamically to allow for different types of registration eg. members only or open to the public.


News and event results – we included the ability for community engagement on the website allowing access to news and event results.


Development – A robust platform was built that allows Snow Sports’ admin staff to manage a complex website structure with relative ease.

Services Used

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