149% increase in website traffic.

New brand, new website

Southern Exposure Tours run bespoke small group tours to South America and some parts of Europe and Asia. They run carefully crafted journeys that are all about travelling with a small group of like-minded people, where they can really feel a part of the countries and cultures they are visiting.


The new website was driven by our rebranding activity (which you can see here) that enabled them to see the need for a digital strategy to drive people to their website. We also had to make sure the website had the right functionality to best convert leads to sales.

Driving traffic to the site

Southern exposure tours wanted potential clients to be able to find them online more easily which meant raising their profile through effective digital strategy to connect with a global audience as well as clearly showcasing their tours to make the site highly searchable.


We focused on awareness and conversion through the brand messaging, profiling trips and calls to action so they could work on converting enquiries into a sale. We were also aiming to improve the search function and the hierarchy of content.

Research & Insights

Keyword research determined the language people use when searching for their type of offering, eg. South America vs Latin America. Tour vs Trip. This helped guide the sitemap, navigation and content structure.


We determined how to best structure the website to appeal to our target audience then created a sitemap creation that took this into consideration along with their current content. The site was re-structured to create clear user journey paths.


We compared and analysed the websites of competitors, and used Google Analytics results from SET’s old website to determine how people were interacting with it in order to improve it.

Features & Functionality

Call-to-action buttons link to an ‘Enquire Now’ form. Also, buttons specific to each tour pull through the tour name into the enquiry page for ease of use.


A newsletter sign-up form was integrated with MailChimp.


We created an inspirational blog/news section that allows fresh content to be added to the website regularly (great for SEO) while also giving website visitors some additional info to help them when planning a trip.


Site search functionality is based on keywords allowing users to easily find the info they’re looking for.


And a tour search/filter makes searching a clear and simple process to make the user experience enjoyable, intuitive and easy to navigate.

Design Features

A clear call to action to enquire button is always visible, included in both the main header of the site and in a fixed sub-navigation on the tour pages.


There is a lot of information with each tour so we’ve clearly broken it down into small manageable chunks starting with a tour summary below the main banner so users will know straight away if this tour is for them.


The main navigation uses a menu that logically breaks down the tours by location; this helps the user find their area of interest. It also helps to demonstrate the depth of tours available.


The home page includes an easy to use search function that provides another method for users to find tours based on location and time of year.


Vibrant, engaging imagery is a mixture of the locations and their highlights, as well as people on tour, helps users imagine themselves in that location.


And of course, the information is clearly organised to reinforce to the user that SET know what they are doing and can run a safe, fun and well organised tour.


Southern Exposure Tours have seen a 149% increase in traffic since the new website has been live - this is due to monthly digital marketing activity that we’ve been doing, which has been helping get better search results and driving traffic to the website.

Services Used

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