From education to donation.

talking to animal lovers online

SPCA Canterbury came to us for a brand new website rebuild.

Key audiences

We considered in creating this were the general Canterbury (and Marlborough) public for education, online donations and pet adoption, and local businesses for ongoing sponsorships.

Key challenges

Two websites — they needed the new website Content Management System to support two different websites, SPCA Canterbury and SPCA Marlborough.

Online donations — we needed a smarter solution for online donations to ensure that the website encourages people to donate online through a balance of user experience and storytelling.

Pet adoption — to recreate the online pet adoption/showcase pages to ensure that it is easy to showcase pets and have the public easily enquire online

Education — to create a user experience that allows website users to easily browse through relevant education for caring on pets and other topics.


Before design began we conducted a lot of research into other charity websites looking to see how a balance was struck between seeking donations, providing the key information people were looking for and educating them gently when they weren’t actively seeking this information.

key design outcomes

We used pictures of the SPCA staff with animals, set on backgrounds which are clearly identifiable as Canterbury, to form a connection between SPCA, animal protection and the region.

Donation tools are highly visible and usable, and used throughout the website. We also used the art of storytelling with a “Tell me more” page around donations which uses SPCA facts to communicate the importance of the work they do.

key development outcomes 

Our developers utilised SilverStripe to create a multi-site platform which allows for the support of both SPCA Canterbury and SPCA Marlborough easily.

Services Used

  • Websites