An easily consumable site.

It’s a BIG one!

This site’s complexity comes from its sheer size. Talley’s is a multi-division, international company producing and exporting seafood, vegetables, dairy and meat. This project saw a shift from a website that wasn’t easily navigable, didn’t showcase well Talley’s full range of products or get across the magnitude of their capabilities. Our main objectives for this new website were to make information on product ranges easy to access and showcase the scale and size of Talley's as a producer, supplier and exporter across multiple industry divisions. It needed to be both wholesale and retail focused, speaking to everyone from end consumers right through to international buyers, even potential employees. And on top of that, these audiences are both local and in Talley’s export markets so global appeal was also a factor.

Designing clear pathways for multiple customers

Beneath the surface of this seemingly simple site a lot of planning and research went into how Talley’s customers would interact with the site. The ease of finding info on specific products was a driving factor behind establishing the site architecture. Because of the largely varied audiences, the main navigation and homepage provide clear pathways to each product division so users can find information relevant to their needs in as few clicks as possible. The homepage also tells the Talley’s story and talks about the company as a whole. Of equal importance, within the site pages, was to clearly display Talley’s wide product range along with detailed yet easily digestible information for each. Site search dialog was also implemented to assist users in finding the right content and also providing quicklinks to popular pages. Alongside this new build, we've also pulled across Talley’s deepsea recruitment and ice cream websites into specific section of the new site.

The role of video

Integrated video content plays a big role in telling the Talley’s story. The homepage has a video banner that offers a quick overview of the scale and capability of the company, while each division section has its own video specific to what they offer.

Getting crafty with the CMS

Part of our remit was to ensure this website would be easy for Talley’s to manage content ongoing. After researching platforms that would best suit this need, we chose the Craft content management system. Craft is flexible and user-friendly, easily allowing us to create custom layouts for Talley’s needs and for them to manage in future.

Services Used

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