Telling a Kiwi story

What you don’t know about Talley’s...

Talley’s is a successful large-scale producer of seafood, meat, vegetables and dairy products. As an established Kiwi family business from Motueka they have a long legacy as a local employer and sell their fresh and snap frozen produce across New Zealand and the world. They have operations in Nelson, Motueka, Blenheim and Ashburton.

Talley's needed a video to attract new business and expand on current relationships. We focused on uncovering and celebrating their significant capabilities in terms of business to business markets, particularly the size of their fishing fleet, the modernity, cleanliness, and speed of their processing plants, the skill of their dedicated staff and the quality of their locally sourced fresh produce.

Given that the video would be showcased at noisy, busy International trade shows, we worked on a video treatment that didn't rely on voiceover or interviews to the camera to tell the story, but rather took the viewer through a day in the life of a Talley's regular working day across its different divisions in some stunning locations across New Zealand. We partnered with well-respected production house Belmont Productions to tell this story and not only capture the harvesting and production process but turn it into something beautiful. This approach took us on a journey from the mountains, field to farm, ocean to port and into the technology-driven system of producing, sorting, packaging and exporting. Shooting on handheld cameras with sliders, drones and using a mixture of time-lapse, real and slow motion, we shot the scale and essence of this epic production in a surprisingly mesmerising way.

Clever motion graphics embedded into the scenes in post-production helped to layer in some impressive statistics; for instance, did you know that Talley's shuck 70+ tonne of Greenshell mussels by hand each day? And with some final subtle touches from music and soundscaping, the end results speak for themselves as an impressive, beautiful and engaging video.

Services Used

  • TVC & video