Lending a helping hand to those that lend a helping hand.

Tara Finance

A people-focused brand

Starting any new business is difficult. Starting a new finance company – well, that might take the cake. Not only do you have to do the normal 'thing' of getting your name and brand out there, you must also ensure that your offering is clearly understood and perceived in the right way, so as not to mislead or scare off your customers.

We have worked with Tara Finance to craft a brand based on the key principle that their business is built on – lending a helping hand for people to pursue their dreams. Avoiding the typical design tropes of the industry, we have instead focused on the human element of the business and highlighted the fact that with Tara Finance, financial help is nothing more than a chat away. Key messaging reinforces this position with a recurring theme of “let’s talk”.

As with anything to do with money, transparency and honesty is key. Every step of the customer’s journey has been considered to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible, from the friendly and inviting posters and stationery, through to the easy loan calculation tool and application form on the website. The result is one very happy client who is poised to bring a fresh perspective to lending.

Services Used

  • Brand
  • Signage & outdoor
  • Websites