A getaway from industry clichés.

Te Moenga Lodge

Your place to rest

Te Moenga Lodge - your place to rest - is a real Kiwi gem. A comfortable getaway nestled in Acacia Bay on Lake Taupo. The views are brilliant, the environment crisp, and the mood is utterly relaxed. This is a place to unwind for the weekend or seek adventure with the family. It’s also a stunning backdrop for weddings, an area Te Moenga were looking to move into and needed to be taken into consideration when creating their brand look and feel.

When building a visual identity for Te Moenga Lodge, we aimed to show that this is a location offering comfort and relaxation with a dash of something a little bit special for guests. It reflects the local environment, and the sense of relaxed enjoyment that the Te Moenga experience will provide for guests.

The area is special, but the local industry is notorious for playing on the generalisations that are there for all to see. We designed a brand identity and story which fits nicely into the environment, but isn’t another tourist cliché.

The logo consists of a wordmark and icon with a mild art deco flavour, which adds a unique touch to the classic mountain range form. The type is strong and modern while the icon is round with soft features, creating a welcoming feeling. It has been designed so it can be used in full or in parts, giving the brand flexibility. The icon is strong when standing alone making it ideal as a social media icon or watermark on imagery.

The simplicity in the design and use of metallic ink through the branding breaks the norm in the predictable tourism market.

Services Used

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