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Over the summer period, there is an influx of seasonal customers who take one-way trips with a Thrifty rental car. However, relocating vehicles is an expensive initiative, and with a 12% increase in vehicle fleet size on the cards, the cost of relocating was also set to increase.

To help mitigate the cost Thrifty offers relocation (“relo”) bookings, a deal where a customer can take a car for free from and to pre-determined locations. To absorb the expected increase in relocation costs we were given the challenge to increase these bookings by 12% on the previous year.

Our blue-sky creative concept saw the introduction of a sub-brand called ‘Thrifty ReloClub’, which allowed us to craft engaging and successful creative. The campaign creative was a family hitchhiking their way through a family holiday with the engaging headline: “Score a free ride!” We sold the idea of a free car rental with a compelling creative that did not get bogged down in the details.

The campaign was executed over a 4 month period (December 16 – March 17) across Thrifty’s locations, its website (with a redesigned landing page to combat a high bounce rate), and digital channels, including Facebook, EDMs, and display ads, as well as radio and on-Airport video advertising.


The outcome

Relo bookings increased by 24% - DOUBLE the initial goal

Relo Club online signups also increased by over 52%

Services Used

  • Advertising
  • Campaigns
  • Photography
  • Radio