Online workflow management system.

Another tool for the kit

Tradietech has developed an online workflow management system that is specifically designed for the trade industries. Tradietech provides tools for pricing, quoting and invoicing and integrates with MYOB, Xero accounting software and Smart Payroll. The online software has been designed to work as a web application across all devices from desktop computer through to mobile phone, so it is available to tradespeople from all locations.

But first, the brand

We worked with Tradietech from the start of their software development helping them to create a new brand. Tradietech required a brand which was targeted to modern tradespeople and portrayed the ease of the software for tradespeople to use. The brand needed to be able to be carried across both print collateral, digital and the software seamlessly.

Collaborating with third parties

Part of this branding exercise was to also design the website to be simple and straight to the point. The website was created to provide potential customers with key information about the software without being overwhelming; to encourage them to sign up for the free trial or to contact the sales team for more information. We worked with the software development company from the start to design an application that was as simple as possible for tradespeople to use, while ensuring that the software seamlessly aligned with the other brand elements.

Services Used

  • Websites