Finding hidden depth in simplicity.

Twin Islands


Advertising legend David Ogilvy once said, “Give me the freedom of a tight brief.” Working on the campaign for Twin Islands Sauvignon Blanc, we understood what he meant.

The brief was short and precise – create a campaign that makes the fact that Twin Islands only make a Sauvignon Blanc an asset; and use the opportunity to own the colour on the new label.

With the proposition set in stone, it cleared the way to land on a strong idea that could be expanded on to work across various mediums. This was important because we wanted the idea to be both super simple yet flexible and growable to work in any kind of execution, giving it longevity for the client.

The core idea was made up of a headline and subheader - “The Chosen One - we do one thing and do it well”.

Thought was put into how the messaging and visuals would work at immediate times of purchase vs when it would be seen outside of these moments and needed to engage and create awareness and memorability. We were even able to demonstrate how the campaign could stretch to bring in tasting notes yet still remain true to the idea and look and feel.

This campaign is elegant and mature yet broadly appealing. Its simplicity leaves room to really hero the colour palette yet is stretchable enough to bring in other elements like words, line flourishes and imagery to add interest and keep it fresh.

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