The goodness of giving naturally.

Two Roads Gift Box Co.


Founded on the idea that giving does wonders for the soul, the Two Roads Gift Box Co. is a refreshingly different take on the concept of gifting.

Where many similar businesses opt for quantity over quality, the Two Roads Gift Box Co. is proudly different, focusing instead on creating luxurious gift boxes filled with natural New Zealand-sourced food, homeware, treats and trinkets to surprise, delight and enhance the lives of others.

In a market saturated with run-of-the mill wicker baskets filled with water crackers and Cadbury Roses, it was essential to create an authentic brand that told their story and helped differentiate them from their vastly different competitors. The result is a brand and matching collateral that positions the Two Roads Gift Box Co. as a champion of quality, provenance and impeccable taste.

Soft colours, natural accents and personal touches were all considerations from the outset, as were material finishes that communicate quality and attention to detail customers can expect. The result is a brand that shows everything it stands for and knows exactly who it’s talking to.

Services Used

  • Brand
  • Packaging
  • Publications