A flavour explosion from South Canterbury.


Looks as good as it tastes

ViBERi grow the only significant, commercial and organic crop of blackcurrants in New Zealand and are proud of it. Their picturesque location just outside Pleasant Point in rural South Canterbury is the perfect spot for growing blackcurrants, with its unique mix of high sunlight hours, fertile soils and excellent rainfall endowing each blackcurrant with some of the highest levels of anthocyanins (a type of anti-oxidant) in the world.

The owners and growers of ViBERi have long been aware of these extraordinary benefits, and have capitalised on them with their range of freeze-dried, soft-dried and frozen organic blackcurrants.

Keen to expand on the initial popularity of their flavourful snacks, they approached us to create packaging based on their existing brand for their new powdered blackcurrant and chocolate covered blackcurrant offerings. We utilised our photography, post production and design services to create a world-class suite of packaging that truly captures the flavour explosion present in every ViBERi blackcurrant.

Services Used

  • Packaging