47% lift in table spend.

Look below the surface

Think of this project like an iceberg. What you see is a cool app, but underneath is a tonne of strategy and logic - business logic, app logic and marketing logic.

The Lone Star Loyal app began like any project, with a strategic discussion about finding a solution to lift results across the group for Lone Star; looking into how we could increase new customers coming in to dine and encouraging current customers to keep coming back.

Mutual back scratching

A challenge to overcome when developing the loyalty scheme itself was to find a balance between something that worked strategically for Lone Star, that was also useful and beneficial for Lone Star customers. We wanted to drive a second action wherever possible so the scheme is designed to give guests a good reason to dine and a worthwhile reward, but also a reason to come back again.

Complete project management

We concepted, named and branded the loyalty programme and its functionality, incentives and reward levels. We defined the programme of earning points that convert to Lone Star Dollars that can be spent on any purchases along with climbing status tiers of Ranger, Deputy and Sheriff to reward Lone Star's most loyal guests.

Bespoke technology solutions

The Lone Star Loyal app is not an off the shelf solution and involved many moving parts. We managed everything from developing the scheme through to creative execution and deployment, right down to the smallest detail.

We also worked with Lone Star’s point of sale provider to integrate the app technology with their POS system in order to gain deep insight into customer purchasing behaviour. Moving forward this allows us to activate Lone Star’s huge database with highly targeted and relevant marketing.

Smarter business outcome

In the two weeks following its launch, over 10,000 people downloaded the new Lone Stay Loyal app. It reached #1 in the Food & Drink Free category in the App Store in the first month.

And the average spend for a Lone Star Loyal guest is now higher than that of a non-Lone Star Loyal guest with a whopping 47% lift in average table spend for Loyal guests to-date.

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