100% increase in lead value.

Success doesn't always come at a price

With the thinking done upfront before we even lifted a pencil (or clicked a mouse), Russells have experienced the benefit of working with us as a partner rather than a service provider. By refreshing the brand, changing the channel mix and being smarter with budget already existing, we’ve worked with Russells to completely turn around their results for the better.

Russells is a real kiwi success story. Originally a fabric merchant, they are New Zealand’s largest and only manufacturer of custom made curtains and blinds. Russells is based in Nelson with mobile sales consultants nationwide. They handcraft and manufacture high quality curtains and blinds from the finest fabrics and materials.

Where our journey began

The journey to who they are today began with a brand workshop and strategy session. We could see Russells had plenty to talk about, but like many brands had fallen into the trap of leading with a price-driven message.

With a consumer shift to emerging digital channels, we quickly identified that the prevailing marketing mix was no longer appropriate. The brand needed to be repositioned as having a superior product, a superior range and a superior service experience.


The value of a brand evolution

In order to shift the perception of value beyond a price point, we first looked to refresh the look and feel of the brand.

We wanted to create an evolution of the current logo which had links back to Russells’ origins. For authenticity and a nod to the craftsmanship that goes into Russells’ products, the proposed logo was stitched onto fabric.

Tell 'em who's boss!

But a refresh of the brand identity look and feel was just the beginning. The positioning line was also evolved to be “Curtain and Blind Specialists” to provide Russells the ownership platform of category.

New brand messaging clearly communicated Russells’ key points of difference, centering around heritage, family, being Kiwi-made, and offering personalised service.

At home online

The digital world was a space in which Russells had not been before and our #1 objective was to harness the power of this platform, particularly keeping in mind how their potential customers consume media. This focus resulted in a doubling of online bookings over the space of just seven months.

We employed a Google search advertising campaign for instant visibility online. To raise brand awareness we used Google display ads (banners, tiles etc) on targeted websites. Remarketing was used to keep Russells top of mind with those who had visited the site but not booked a consultation yet.

SEO is, of course, part of our long term strategy and ongoing partnership with Russells. This is all about getting a good ranking in a search organically. Activity plans were mapped out and content created which ranged from being seasonal and lifestyle based to educational and informative.

Social media plays a part in Russells’ digital success story and beyond. Our goal with social media was to build their credibility as the curtain and blind specialists and align Russells with creativity and inspiration, through a mixture of tips, seasonal content, elegant images and engaging content linked through from the resource centre on the website.

Social Media

The "Shop"

Russells may have a big factory but they have no storefront so their website would fulfill this purpose. When redesigning their website a lot of considerations went into making it functional, informative, convincing, engaging and useful - a place that educated customers and drove lead enquiries.


Own in-market activity

With strong brand assets, effective channel mix and a clear marketing strategy, we’ve activated the brand through retail campaigns across print, digital and even TV using a themed seasonal approach and strong messaging that communicates the brand’s key points of difference.

Smarter business outcome

All combined, we’ve set up the Russells brand to put them back ahead of the game. After 18 months of working collaboratively we’ve helped Russells double online bookings over the space of 7 months, more than DOUBLE the value of monthly leads (even going almost 50% over target one month), increase sale values by an average of $700...and that’s just what we can share here.