Measurable ROI-led digital marketing.


TrailLite design and manufacture New Zealand’s premier motorhomes. They also sell caravans and motorhomes from reputable international brands. Having been in the business of creating dream lifestyles for Kiwi travellers since the early 1950s, nobody knows motorhomes and caravans like TrailLite.

Having helped manage TrailLite’s digital marketing for a number of years, we wanted to shift focus to achieving more measurable returns on investment from their online activities. Embracing Inbound Marketing into their digital marketing strategy was the way achieve this, so together we set about making this happen.


Think of inbound marketing as an approach to digital marketing that ties all online activities together into one cohesive gameplan. At its core is a simple idea; use relevant and helpful content to attract potential customers to your website, then provide ongoing value-add content that aligns with each stage of their journey to becoming a customer.

What makes inbound marketing so effective is it’s connection of a bunch of different digital marketing tactics (such as content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and more), with everything working in harmony to attract and convert leads into customers. Also, because it’s focused on aligning marketing with sales, it provides the ability to close the loop on measuring effectiveness.

To power inbound marketing for TrailLite we use the HubSpot platform as a central digital marketing tool and CRM. This gives us all the tools in one platform to drive an effective Inbound campaign.


Whilst our relationship with TrailLite goes back several years prior, to introduce inbound into their marketing mix we had to revisit what we knew about their audience. This ensured we could craft the right value-add content that answered the right questions at each stage of their journey towards physically coming onto the yard.

Through a structured planning process, we helped TrailLite craft user personas, content plans and an ongoing strategy to effectively launch their inbound marketing campaign. Part of this process included producing key pieces of downloadable content which provide value for potential customers, and also fully converting their website into an inbound marketing machine.

“I’ve seen a number of organisations who haven’t partnered with an agency as knowledgeable as Plato and as a result are one or two years into using HubSpot without nearly as much success as we’ve achieved.”
Ashlee Rose, TrailLite Marketing Manager


The results have been swift and significant. By the end of month one, we were seeing significant growth in website traffic. After just three months TrailLite had reached the total number of contacts they’d expected to achieve for the year!

“We’ve found the software incredibly easy to use and transparent. We learn new things every day that can assist our company not only in the lead generation space, but across multiple different business units.”
Ashlee Rose, TrailLite Marketing Manager

Since beginning with HubSpot, over 35% of customers have interacted with or come from the digital marketing strategy, something that was never able to be measured prior to adopting this approach.

Since all the fundamentals have been put in place and marketing lead numbers have grown, we’ve been able to focus on nurturing more leads into actual customers. On average, TrailLite has converted 16% of all marketing leads into customers. With full transparency and a structured gameplan in place, this is only the start of ongoing Inbound success for TrailLite.