Website optimisation

Why optimise your website?

Like any other marketing tool, what you get out of your website will depend on what you put into it. But unlike many other tools, your website is a hotbed of customer data and signals for how you can improve your website's performance. The trick is interpreting the data into insights and executing improvements that make a difference.

What type of optimisations can be made to my website?

There are many different opportunities for improvement, and here's a few:

Website user experience - are there any barriers in how visitors flow through your website? Perhaps the wrong prioritisation of content on the page is making people leave the website in unexpected ways.

Missing or wrong content - is the content you have on your website resonating with your visitors in a way you expected? Are there any common pages where visitors are unexpectedly leaving your website?

Unclear or wrong call-to-actions - are the buttons and key prompts to enquire using the right language to encourage an enquiry? Could changing out your call-to-actions impact a positive behaviour?

Poorly optimised enquiry/sales page - this is a common one; is your enquiry form too long, too short or simply in the wrong place on your website.

Converting visitors into leads or customers - there's always room for improvement

A high performing website is one that is constantly improving based on insights, which in turn improves your bottom line. This all comes down to the conversion rate of your website - (website leads/website visitors), e.g.

  • 'ACME Widgets' - 1,000 visitors per month, with a 15 avg. monthly sales = 1.5% conversion rate.
  • Doubling this conversion rate to 3% will double the revenue from your website. 

Of course not all websites are created equally, so the potential to double the conversion rate is not always a reality - however, there will be some improvements to be gained.

Free consultation


If you’ve read the above and started to panic, don’t worry, it’s going to be ok. We can help and it starts with a casual sit down and chat about your website and business objectives.

When we work on any website project our aim is to help you achieve an outcome, e.g. capturing leads or generating sales.

So, book a free consultation and let’s get started on making sure your business isn’t losing out on potential customers.